introduction to spring blooms

this is my self insert, honey! he's an apprentice magician studying under asra until he becomes the court magician. he is represented by the sun.
after the events of arcana, he moves out of the palace and into muriel's hut (upright).
honey has long brown hair that covers his weak eye, moles scattered all over & brown eyes! his favorite color is red; he wears red eyeliner & various red cloaks/ponchos. under that, he wears a long-sleeved black & gray striped shirt that reach his fingers, black pants & boots. he also wears star earrings!
before the story: he's often found wandering the city, particularly enjoying the sounds & smells of the marketplace. after the story: he spends all his time gardening at home and taking care of their chicken neighbors.
modern honey is studying horticulture & beekeeping. he hopes to work in a flower shop but currently works in his family's oddity shop. he loves mysticism: tarot, astrology, etc. and learns it all from asra! he's also a hopeless romantic and reads way too much into flower meanings.
he wears object earrings, preferring fruit related ones, and warm clothes. he hates the cold and loves being comfy. he carries all of his belongings in cute animal tote bags.

but in every universe/timeline... he's married to muriel!!

the name spring blooms was made by my cousin dlameha! they said it was because " honey is pollinated in the spring and muriel's favorite flower is forget-me-nots " :) so yay

return to safety
now enjoy all my spring blooms art. (ill update over time)

and here's all the art dlameha has made for me :heart: