introduction to kimfreddy

THIS IS KIM !!! he was initially supposed to be a self insert but he's sort of taken a mind of his own. i still project onto him heavily don't get me wrong, he's just also everybody's mama. (he's married to freddy though so he can't be your wife, sorry)
after a horrible accident that he does not recall, kim totally changed. he doesn't remember his past; he often requires reminders of who/where he is, what he's doing, etc.; his entire personality changed almost overnight. (the next section is about his past self dw)
kim is very sweet, caring and loving, always doting on those around him. he is somehow proficient with chemistry (sometimes he whips up tonics to soothe sore throats or headaches) but mainly uses this knowledge in his baking! he's always in the kitchen, brewing tea/coffee or baking up a storm. his favorites are lemon poppy seed scones and blueberry muffins.
he's easily confused and upset by this, usually becoming very withdrawn and embarrassed when he forgets something/someone. Be Gentle With Him

NOW, before kim was kim, he was earnest!! he was born in america (french/jewish/tsalagi) then moved to england to pursue his degree in chemistry. he later starts working at that same university as a researcher; he hopes to find a remedy for his adhd (not a cure, just an aid).
in his time at the university, he struggles with meetings, deadlines, and other boring stuff like paperwork. he knows he has to do it, he just can't get himself to work on it! one day, at the urging of a nefarious coworker (who wanted kim's position) egged him into trying one of his own tonics to meet a final deadline he had been dreading. while it worked for the first 2 days, in the end it was a terrible mistake, one that would nearly cost him his life. the chemicals had horrible side effects; it left him practically brain damaged and several (albeit cosmetic and not possible in reality) discolorations like his now green odd eye and streaks of white hair.
thankfully, his "friend" (they have a weird dynamic) takes care of him until Plot Stuff happens. i might make another page about that but THERES SO MUCH KIMUND LORE

after said Plot Stuff happens, kim runs away to the manor and meets freddy!!! and they live happily ever after yaaay *ignores that freddy dies canonically*

return to safety

heres some kim art :]

kimfreddy art

you can see more with sources on my toyhouse page for him!!!