cringe lil shrine for my best friends that i annoy 24/7/365 ♡
i've never met anyone in the whole wide world that i meshed so well with or felt so close to. i would do anything for them

return to safety

genuinely the love of my life. i don't think i'll ever meet someone like him. he's so charming and loving and genuine and i just wanna curl up with him and never ever leave his side. it makes me so happy that my friends and my soulmate can be so close... weeping into my hands like a big ol baby

DIDI MY BESTEST MOST TREASURED FRIEND. We give each other character brainworms and talk for hours about comics. i admire them so much; they're so smart and i could listen to them babble for hours (and i literally have). THEY ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY BETTER I WANT TO KEEP THEM IN MY POCKET FOREVER !!!!

I've only known Cupid for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
tl;dr i havent known cupid for very long but i love him soo much, hes my little animal buddy and his enthusiasm is infectious. also hes really fucking funny