freddy riley is a character from the 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game identity v. he's a survivor known as the lawyer.
true to his moniker, freddy was a lawyer specializing in finances. through his business, he met leo beck and his wife martha. (also their daughter lisa lol) freddy believed they were destined to be together and started courting her secretly while establishing both a business relationship and friendship between himself and leo. in this, freddy convinced leo to invest in the arms factory which put him into debt and drove a wedge between himself and his wife, who leaves him for freddy after an argument over the factory. martha becomes pregnant with a girl they planned to name annecy and, for a moment, freddy has the life he dreamed of! that is until the factory burns down and reveals freddy's scheme to martha. she leaves him and goes back for lisa (who she left at the orphanage btw #MotherOfTheYear) only to get butchered by her doctor. cringe! freddy gets his revenge tho dw :heart:

I am so fucking insane over this man. you can ask anyone close to me; this man makes me completely feral. i also ship myself with him (page pending) and see him as my cringe failhusband PLEASE do not touch or i will explode

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